Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted to answer any of your questions about how Connecting North can delight you and win you business! Here are some of our frequently asked questions for your quick reference.

Question: Who will take care of my calls?
Answer: The live receptionists at Connecting North are friendly and professional they will be answering your calls.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: We are based in US and have offices both in US and overseas.

Question: What can Connecting North do for me?
Answer: Receptionists at Connecting North makes sure that all the calls gets answered while you are busy and serving other clients.

Question: Will you answer all my calls?
Answer: We answer unlimited calls, for any given slot you choose from our very reasonable $99 package. One of our representatives is always available to answer and assist the caller.

Question: Will I continue to use my number?
Answer: Yes you can choose to still use or market your number.

Question: What happens to PA number assigned to me, if I decide to cancel the service?
Answer: You will get a dedicated number that will be assigned to you at the time of sign up. If you decide to cancel the service, you can choose to take this number with you for a very nominal fee that we would charge by the vendor for transferring/porting this number on your name.

Question: What if I do not want to share my current number?
Answer: No problem! We will give you a dedicated line, which you can market as per your business needs and we will be available to help your new and existing calls! Consider the PA number as your business number.

Question: How will I be notified about my messages?
Answer: You can choose to get immediate notification via text message or email. You can also get a daily log of all the calls that were answered by Connecting North.

Question: Do you provide services in Spanish?
Answer: No! For now, we only offer services in English.

Question: Can I test the services before I buy?
Answer: Yes, You will be given a 7 days free trial.
Question: What if I want extra service or custom time slots?
Answer: We are here to assist our clients to simply their business needs. We will be happy to accommodate you with a customized package as per your business requirements.

Question: Do I have to worry about any long-term contract?
Answer: There is no contract.

Question: Can I choose my own hours?
Answer: You decide when you are not available and set forwarding to your dedicated PA number. We are always available to attend all your unlimited incoming calls for the business hours you have subscribed. At the time of sign up you can also select the time slot when you want us to take your calls. You can always contact us to make changes to your selected slot.

Question: Is there any extra charges or fair usage policy, hidden in the invoice?
Answer: You will not be charged for any hidden fee just $99/Month.

Question: How can I sign up?
Answer: It's as simple as clicking on the link below,